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Permanent Lice

XDXD I was watching Viva La Bam with my mom today.....she watches it with me all the time, she loves to watch them try to kill themselves and thinks Dunn is hot XDXD(lol, I agree with her in that respect)
And I mentioned Brittany(my cousin) calling me Rake, and she was appauled, and said one of the funniest things Ive heard in God knows when.

"Jennifer!! you are not anything like him! He has permanent lice! Probably body lice!!! And I think he may even have fleas! Lice on the fleas!!!!" 

that was a real direct quote from my mother, picture a red headed skinny irish woman screaming that at her fluffy black haired not as skinny daughterXDXD

Jesus, my family is wierd. 


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