mortuaryhall (mortuaryhall) wrote in rakefans,

XD Irronnnyyyy

My friends are assholes XD 

See I was born with the fluffy hair gene, and I have a terrible temper, and i freaking growlXD  Since my cousin started watching Viva la Bam avidly, She has been calling me Rake for the past few monthsXDXD

Not to mention my thick glasses, love of all things science and and an undeniable love of Slayer, I really dont see why Shes obsessed with it 

But, I really can see where shes coming from............... Sometimes I just catch myself in the undeniable Rake moment XDXD Ill headbang and my hair will go EVERYWHERE or Ill growl at someone or or just flip everyone off without warning, Its quite fun, but it gets a little wierd considering Im a 13 year old girl
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