XOXO, Manda (so_pseudogoth) wrote in rakefans,
XOXO, Manda

Yo, this is my intro post. My name's Amanda, I'm 19, from Texas, and it's ivan's fault I'm a huge CKY/Jackass/VLB fan nowadays. I have to say, Rake is totally the most badass member of the crew, and while I haven't met him face to face, I have exchanged emails with him and got to do an exclusive phone interview for an article I wrote for my local newspaper. He's absolutely a fucking sweetheart, not even to mention I think he's so down to earth that it makes him about 10x sexier. One of these days I'll get around to putting up the transcript of the interview, but until then, I'll just lurk around with the rest of the Rake fans!

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