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Anyone listen to Gamecasa?

Rake, Dico, Rake's brother Art (remember Art Webb 1986 from the CKY movies? Yeah, him.), Lendon (the third member of the Ladyboy team in the Scavenger Hunt episode of Viva la Bam), and some of their friends have had this podcast going for a while. Currently, they're really trying their hardest to make Gamecasa into a real business venture; and is now up and running! The podcasts are funny as hell, though; and they give a good insight to other people's opinions of games, game companies, and all sorts of other random gamer-related things.

Hop on over to to see what it's all about. Sign up for the forums to discuss games and the podcasts with other fans and the guys themselves! I've also started gamecasa for those of you who are interested to be able keep updated on new podcasts and other things going on over on and the forums.
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Permanent Lice

XDXD I was watching Viva La Bam with my mom today.....she watches it with me all the time, she loves to watch them try to kill themselves and thinks Dunn is hot XDXD(lol, I agree with her in that respect)
And I mentioned Brittany(my cousin) calling me Rake, and she was appauled, and said one of the funniest things Ive heard in God knows when.

"Jennifer!! you are not anything like him! He has permanent lice! Probably body lice!!! And I think he may even have fleas! Lice on the fleas!!!!" 

that was a real direct quote from my mother, picture a red headed skinny irish woman screaming that at her fluffy black haired not as skinny daughterXDXD

Jesus, my family is wierd. 

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XD Irronnnyyyy

My friends are assholes XD 

See I was born with the fluffy hair gene, and I have a terrible temper, and i freaking growlXD  Since my cousin started watching Viva la Bam avidly, She has been calling me Rake for the past few monthsXDXD

Not to mention my thick glasses, love of all things science and and an undeniable love of Slayer, I really dont see why Shes obsessed with it 

But, I really can see where shes coming from............... Sometimes I just catch myself in the undeniable Rake moment XDXD Ill headbang and my hair will go EVERYWHERE or Ill growl at someone or or just flip everyone off without warning, Its quite fun, but it gets a little wierd considering Im a 13 year old girl
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Jackass stuff for sale!

Hey, everyone!

I have some Jackass/CKY/other related things that I'm probably never going to wear or use again, so I'm selling them. If you want any of the items, just comment and we'll work everything out!

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(If this isn't allowed, please tell me and I'll delete it!)


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Yo, this is my intro post. My name's Amanda, I'm 19, from Texas, and it's ivan's fault I'm a huge CKY/Jackass/VLB fan nowadays. I have to say, Rake is totally the most badass member of the crew, and while I haven't met him face to face, I have exchanged emails with him and got to do an exclusive phone interview for an article I wrote for my local newspaper. He's absolutely a fucking sweetheart, not even to mention I think he's so down to earth that it makes him about 10x sexier. One of these days I'll get around to putting up the transcript of the interview, but until then, I'll just lurk around with the rest of the Rake fans!

Another newbie.

Hey, everyone. I'm new here (obviously). I just joined last night. I'm reasonably new to the whole CKY crew experience; I've only been into the movies and VLB for about a year or so now. I've always thought Rake was a rather unappreciated part of the gang, yet he really makes a lot of the skits. So I was happy to see a community for him.

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Digital Bee's.

Rake Yohn gets fucked with so much, yet it is so funny to watch! I would have to say my favorite prank on Rake would have to be the Digital Bee's on Viva La Bam Season 1...I never laughed so hard in my life when Rake was trying to get the bee's out of his hair, so it looks like he's headbanging, lmao...just thinking about it makes me bust up...


I hope this community is more successful then the other one that was abandoned. ; )